In Arkosa, you’ll be developing your bunker, recruiting unique new colonists and trying to keep your population happy, fed, rested and breathing.

However, the planet won’t make it easy for you. There’ll be regular attacks from the resident hostiles to contend with, plus a whole bunch of unique events that can occur to your intrepid explorers while they are out in the wastelands. In order to claim victory you’ll need a well organised, productive and happy bunker. But only one colony will win the grand prize… a ticket off the planet.

“Good morning residents of Bunker ‘42! And what a glorious morning it is on this fair planet Arkosa. The red mountains stand tall, the moons are shining bright and it has been thirteen days since the last raid! Rejoice!

“We have a special announcement this morning residents of ‘42. For too long we have lived, as every other Bunker colony has, on this once revered and celebrated world, without hope or faith of a brighter future. We were abandoned! Left isolated in the aftermath of…The Event…

“But no more, dear colonists! No more! For we have received a message from the stars! Salvation is coming!

“A mining ship returning to the galactic hub with a full load from the nearby astro-belt has received the global distress beacon. They are coming to rescue…us!

“One lucky Bunker can squeeze aboard the vessel and begin life anew amongst the rest of the galaxy. And need I say, Bunker ‘42 has the very best chance of being chosen by the benefactors of this rescue!

“So polish those Nitro tanks! Harvest the bugs for a grand feast! Prepare the entertainment and scour the dunes for more hands and tentacles to put on deck! Our reputation must precede us…we must be chosen! Let these fateful friends find our Bunker worthy of departure into the skies!”

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The Arkosa rulebook is done! No doubt there'll need to be editing but having a first draft feels like a real milestone 😁
First blind playtest tonight! 😮
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We're working on some exciting stuff at the moment. Here's a sneak peak! Join us in our Facebook Dev group if you want to keep a closer eye on the next Toon Hammer project:
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Looking forward to tonight's playtest on this wonderfully makeshift game board! 😂 #bgg #boardgames #indiedev #tabletopgames #prototype #playtesting #arkosagame ...

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