A weekly quiz of silly number based questions where teams compete for the LOWEST score! Streaming live on the Toon Hammer Facebook page every Friday at 8pm BST. Here’s everything you need to know to compete to be the Number Blunder Champion…

When is it?

We will be streaming the quiz live from our Facebook page at 8pm BST every Friday.

Where do I find it?

Facebook! You’ll need to be logged into a Facebook account and will need to go to the Toon Hammer Facebook page at 8pm BST on Friday.

Can I get a reminder when it’s starting?

Yes! If you like the Facebook page in advance, you’ll get a Facebook notification when we go live with the quiz. You can do this using the widget below:


How do I join in?

Two options! You can add your team to our livestream leaderboard and compete to be Number Blunder champion OR you can play along for fun with pen and paper (and perhaps a calculator if you’re not too hot on the ol’ adding and subtracting).

I want to be champion! How do I get added to the leaderboard?

When the stream starts, the captain of your team needs to go to: quiz.toonhammer.com. Here they can add your team to the leaderboard.


Yes! We recommend joining a team if you can. We’d suggest using a Facebook  or WhatsApp group message to simultaneously chat to your team and watch the stream. If there is more than one person in your household, have a household team! You’ll need to nominate a team captain to have the deciding vote on answers, and to submit those answers to us.

Can I play on my own?

You can, but there should only be one team per household!

How do we answer questions?

You’ll have 3 minutes to answer each question. Your team captain must submit your answer using the web app (quiz.toonhammer.com) during that time. You won’t be able to edit your answer later, so be sure before you press submit and watch out for typos!

Can I cheat?

Of course! We’ve tried our best to create questions which are tricky (if not impossible) to Google. So opportunities to cheat should be minimal, but if you want to search for something on the internet, do your worst! We ain’t checking 😉

How is the quiz scored?

All questions in the quiz have a numerical answer.  You must try to guess as close to the correct answer as possible. For each question, your score will be the difference between your answer and the correct answer. So the team with the LOWEST score at the end of the quiz will be the winner! If you are on the leaderboard, we will do the maths and calculate your scores but if you are playing along for fun, you will need to keep track yourself!

Hopefully that’s everything you need to know to take part in the Number Blunder quiz, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter page, or use our contact form. See you on Friday!

Current Champion


Last Week’s Results

Pos Team Name Score
1 ActuallyInFirstPlace 46.53
2 Hordle Hoppers 64.47
3 Great Scott 72.47
4 SlipperyBenAnnaSkins 92.45
5 Quentin Quarantinos 94.53
6 Team Discovery Channel 105.53
7 BumblingAlong 108.48
8 Dumb no Dummer 111.47
9 WinWinWinWinEinsteins 121.53
10 Quizzly Bears 122.53
11 Also Here 141.44
12 Baby Brains 141.53
13 Jonesing4Beercan 145.43
14 BLEIGE P8!!! 167.43
15 Team 1312 167.53
16 Gettothechopper 168.53
17 Barberry Pies Plus Marianne 193.03
18 Winniepigs 200.9
19 Truth twisters 218.78
20 Quaranteam 225.53
21 Tonto plumoso 230.09
22 MustNotFinishLast 250.36
23 Frosty Lambs 529.9

Previous Winners

May 29th 2020 – Bumbling Along – 105
May 22nd 2020 – Gettothechopper – 83.44
May 15th 2020 – ActuallyInFirstPlace#455 – 18.81
May 8th 2020 – Quizzly Bears – 24.16
May 1st 2020 – Gettothechopper & Three Queers (and Key) – 79.5
April 24th 2020 – Billy’s Angels – 47.2
April 17th 2020 – Get to the chopper – 22.16
April 10th 2020 – Bumbling Along – 22
April 3rd 2020 – Great Scott – 48
March 27th 2020 – Team Reynolds – 59.92